Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

In the wild and brutal natural world, all animals will have to save themselves by other animals even though they do nothing. They must follow the natural and natural laws, because they are smaller and weaker, so they produce that rule and it still exists until now.

On land, there may be tiny predators but can kill large prey. But in the ocean, those cases were much less. Small animals often do not win in wars with others.

This small octopus is also. It mainly only eats plankton or small species around it. Knowing that the body is vulnerable, they must find themselves a solid shelter, which can ensure the safety of themselves before the attack of other species.

And it was not so that it could be safe. At this time, another octopus saw it and wanted to rob her “home”. The octopus slowly approached him and quickly cut his tentacles to knock the opponent out of the place where he wanted to rob. Suddenly attacked, “the” host “could not be able to back up and could only look angrily at the enemy and find a new home. The video has attracted more than 6m views on YouTube:

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