Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

A herd of lions will usually have 2 to 3 adult males who are the leaders and guardians. However, they often have to deal with younger males from outside who want to take territory and females. Power battles between males are inevitable.

The males from the outside are very aggressive, they rush in and bite the old ones. They scratch each other. Sharp teeth were used to the fullest. Invaders have the upper hand in health, they constantly attack their opponents. After their brutal attack, the unlucky males were driven away and had to retreat.

New male lions have taken over the territory. In order to completely capture the females, they plan to carry out a new carnage, killing the cubs. They start hunting, every time they see a cub, they will attack and bite the victim’s neck with their strong jaws.

The females could only watch their children being murdered without being able to counterattak. After all, the female is forced to mate with new males continuously and give birth to a new lcubs to protect her future. The new males had to protect the females and his childs.

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