Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Tigers are extremely arrogant animals. They are more confident and brutal than many animals that exist in their area. Because of the difference in habitat, tigers and lions do not often have fights. But if those battles take place, the chances of the tiger winning are very high.

They are animals that can kill many other animals for food. With that large and strong body, they can completely be considered the king of the jungle. And the stripes on their forehead in Chinese also mean “King”. So whether in the past or in the present, their power is still claimed to be very strong.

Like the king of the forest, they make everything easier, even if it’s hunting a large prey. Like how it hunted a big strong boar this time. They absolutely do not want to lose to an opponent that is large but not as brutal as them.

The tiger is not afraid, but constantly searches for its prey. And a wild boar was targeted by it. In the face of imminent danger, the wild boar did not choose to run away, but rushed to fight the tiger. But with a lot of experience, it didn’t take too long for the tiger to defeat that big wild boar. The video has attracted more than 5.5M views on Youtube:

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