Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

In the wild, there are extremely strange wars that will take place between species that are almost unrelated to each other. Animals that are herbivorous, different species and do not have conflicts in territorial disputes have absolutely no purpose that can lead to a fight between the two species.

Herbivores usually will not fight because of conflicts over food sources, especially with other species. With animals that graze together, they will generally be quite gentle and do not actively challenge. But this time it didn’t seem like usual, there was a fight going on.

The kangaroo is naturally a warlike animal. They are known as a professional boxer in the animal world. They can use fists or kicks to knock opponents away. And perhaps because of that, their opponents are not many, mainly individuals of the same species.

But this fight is different, its opponent is a big donkey. The two did not know because of the conflict, but the donkey did not intend to give up the challenge and the kangaroo did not intend to ignore the fight, so both sides rushed in and fought. The video has attracted more than 37M views on Youtube:

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