Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Herd strength is the power that best demonstrates not only the strength but also the intelligence of individuals who cooperate in groups. The larger, more organized the swarms, the more powerful and extremely intelligent they prove to be. The more intelligent and strong, the stronger the herd, the more united and coordinated.

The lion and the hyena represent a union in two opposing aspects. As for the lions, they cooperate with each other based on strength. As for hyenas, it is different, they are not as strong as lions or many other carnivores, but their intelligence and cunning have made their pack a fear in the wild.

With that opposition, but both species are very strong, lions are inherently the dominant species but cunning hyenas always want to use all means to replace the inherent position of lions. So the hyenas are gathering together, banding together to surround and attack a lion that is distracted while resting by the river.

The lion is very strong and extremely arrogant, so even if it is surrounded by a group of hyenas, it is not afraid. The lion received each attack, fighting back so strongly that the whole herd of hyenas, even though they attacked together, could not cause the lion to be harmed. The video has attracted more than 5M views on Youtube:

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