Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Warthogs have always been prey to carnivores, especially of the family Felidae. These large and aggressive animals will never give up enough prey to provide them with a sufficient amount of food without fear of overeating and of course they have enough energy to catch the prey. .

The warthogs are also quite sensitive animals. They can sense danger, and the sooner they sense danger, the higher their chances of escaping. And with prey, sometimes just a few seconds earlier is enough for them to preserve their lives.

But luck does not always appear. The lions can be so easily detected, how can they become the best hunters in the wild. Therefore, these warthogs are only discovered when the lions themselves have rushed out of the hiding area and chased the warthog.

The warthogs that detect the enemy will run away, that is the survival instinct of the species. When caught, the warthog began to protest, but at this time, the resistance was no longer of too great a meaning, it even made the warthog’s death even more pathetic and brutal. than. The video has attracted more than 11M views on Youtube:

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