Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Anteaters are quite strange animals. They have a very strange appearance, which can be said to be unlike any other animal on this planet. But if studied further, they are animals of the order Pilosa and they are most familiar with sloths. They mostly exist only in the forests of southern America.

Animals like anteaters naturally like to eat small animals like ants or termites. And in some areas of South America it’s considered paradise for them. In this place, many termite nests are built with quite close distances from each other. And each termite nest is a small kingdom with countless termites inside.

The ant-eating beast followed the old way to find this place. Termites build towering castles. And with the larger scale, we can easily see the crowdedness of termites here. And of course, the animal that hunted this time, the anteater was also very aware of that.

The anteater gently approached the area of a termite nest quite far away. Because they will all attack in turn so that the attacked termite nests can recover. Only then can they ensure that the food source will not be exhausted. The video has attracted nearly 9M views on Youtube:

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