Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Otters are small animals. They are animals of the family Mustelidea, which are mammals that are also carnivores. They are also extremely aggressive and aggressive animals, similar to the aggression of honey badgers. And they are considered an amphibian when living both on the shore and in the water very flexible.

These two otters are playing together by the river. Those otters were playing together along the river. Both are like children, just because they fight for a toy, they can also fight. The two chased each other along the river, running up to the bank and jumping into the river.

At this time, a crocodile saw and intends to attack both. They fell prey to that crocodile without knowing anything. The two kept chasing each other until they unconsciously approached the crocodile. The crocodile took the opportunity to jump up and attack them. One of them was lucky to escape, but the other did not.

Losing her friend made the otter extremely sad and angry. It decided to hit the crocodile to avenge its friend. As if enhanced with strength, the otter rushed to attack the crocodile, causing it to be happy when catching its prey, then immediately in pain to the point of panic. The video has attracted more than 450K views on Youtube:

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