Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Everywhere on earth, there are living species that are suitable for the conditions of that environment. Even if it is a place with extremely high pressure, so great that it can crush a human into a sponge, there are still living creatures, not one, but many. They seem to be built to exist in that place, taken to another place, they cannot continue to exist.

With tropical places, where animals do not often suffer from the cold of winter. So the animals here are somewhat more comfortable, but they have to be active all year round. But with animals that live in temperate regions, it is different.

Every time winter comes, it will be a time when they have to worry and hustle more than ever. Come winter, snow covers everything. It can even be as thick as a human knee. Therefore, animals must have their own methods to cope with the approaching winter.

With this squirrel it did two things. One is to store food. It works hard and finds enough winter food for it. Then it found a bunch of cotton buds. He quickly brought the cotton pads back to his tree hole, spreading them out like a soft mattress to keep him warm through the winter. The video has attracted more than 4M views on Youtube:

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