Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Eagles are extremely scary animals. They are the fear of many animals both in the sky and on the ground. That further proves that the power of the eagle is the kind of power that many animals desperately desire and want to defeat to be able to demonstrate strength, changing the whole species in the wildlife world.

However, no other bird can do that yet. They have not yet been able to usurp the eagles as king of the sky. In this war, the eagle once again proved to other animals that, to win them, it can be considered impossible.

This time the eagle does not hunt the large fish in the lake anymore, it looks for another prey on the ground. The animals are moderate in size and easy for it to carry back to the nest. And the prey chosen this time is a red fox about the same size as it.

Despite being quite similar in size, the eagle attacks from above and does not give the fox a chance to counterattack. So the little fox could only try to run away. But not long after running, he was caught by the eagle extremely quickly and easily. The video has attracted more than 1M views on Youtube:

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