Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

In the world of animals, reptiles are always the ones that carry potential dangers. They have always been animals that can kill prey that are several times larger and taller than a few times to several dozen times. Therefore, they are still extremely dangerous animals, so be careful when facing them.

Big Komodo dragons are even more dangerous. They are quite taciturn and somewhat slow animals. But that is only under normal circumstances. If they weren’t hunting, we wouldn’t have known that Komodo dragons could move at such great speed.

Komodo dragons have once again proven that they are not an easy animal to bully. Its prey this time is a large buffalo. The prey is not small, but it is determined to fight and defeat the prey. And the buffalo was also somewhat disdainful when he saw the Komodo dragon intending to attack it.

The buffalo did not care or take any action against the threat of the Komodo dragon. It was a very foolish action to directly let the Komodo dragon have the opportunity to kill the buffalo without wasting time chasing. The video has attracted more than 4.5M views on Youtube:

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