Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

The transportation system is increasingly being expanded in wild areas to meet the needs of tourists as well as conservation missions. Open roads mean there will be more traffic on those roads. There are also potential dangers to the animals living in the forest. If when they were running away, the enemy had to cross the road and was hit by a javelin, then it had no chance of survival.

An impala experiencing such a condition has been recorded. The impala in the process of running away from a cheetah. It is not known whether it hit the convoy that was parked there or the moving convoy hit it without it being able to stand up.

The impala could only try to get up but couldn’t get up. The cheetah came out from the forest still not understanding what was going on. It slowly approached the impala to probe. At the same time, it did not forget to cast a wary eye on the people there.

The leopard’s hunt was a fairly mild success thanks to the sudden accident. The impala could have survived for a while, but the accident indirectly took its life. The cheetah quickly brought the impala back to the forest to eat. The video has attracted more than 200K views on Youtube:

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