Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Deer are animals that are loved by carnivores. The deer are healthy, moderate in size, and do not have a strong fighting ability. Especially for the female deer that do not have horns, making dancing difficult is even easier. So no matter where they are, deer can be in danger.

In the wilderness, cold and surrounded by rocks, even finding food to survive was very difficult for the deer. Then will they escape the danger from other animals? The answer is of course wrong because everywhere there will be scary and carnivorous animals, always looking for prey.

In a cold place, surrounded by rocky mountains, there is a typical animal of that area, which is the snow leopard. Snow leopards stand out among the white snow with gray and black fur. But when it is on the base of the rock, we realize that.

That fur is the most perfect camouflage for this animal when it is not moving, when viewed from above, it is difficult to locate them. This deer was also tricked by that camouflage. As a result, it was captured and killed on the spot. The video has attracted nearly 300K views on Youtube:

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