Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

In a brutal and wild world, there are potential dangers anytime and anywhere. Animals must always be alert to everything around them. Especially in deserted places. How scary was that place that even the wild animals around wouldn’t dare approach it?

So for the species in the natural world, in addition to the ability to find food, they also have to master the skill of running to be able to survive. No matter anywhere, any place or time on this earth. If they want to survive, they all have to fight, and when they lose, death is the result they have to receive.

With terrestrial animals, of course, there are many surprising facts. It is possible that a small carnivore could take down prey several times its size without relying on poison. But with animals that live in the ocean, it is different.

We still know the saying “Big fish eat small fish”, which is to say them simply and accurately. Larger fish will take advantage of their size to catch and kill other species that are smaller than them. And of course, they will also sometimes fall prey to a larger species and that is the unchangeable loop. The video has attracted nearly 900K views on Youtube:

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