Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Moose are extremely large animals and also extremely dangerous animals. They are animals with strong fighting power and also the type that is always on guard against everything around them. As a prey, it is essential for them to stay alert in order to survive.

Moose also have large and extremely strong horns that act as weapons for them to defend themselves when in danger. But of course, because the horns are located on the head, the horns only work when meeting large prey and attack at high speed. Both conditions are sufficient to promote the effect of the best horns.

But what about a Komodo? Being attacked by a Komodo even when the horns get stuck in the vines. The moose is trying to get out of the mess overhead. It had a tangle of vines wrapped around its head, and the more the moose struggled, the more tangled the ropes on its head became.

And right now, a Komodo spotted it and realized that this was a good opportunity to attack. So the Komodo quickly approached the deer and made a surprise attack from behind. The attack that carried the poison very quickly caused the deer to lose all its strength and collapse after several counterattacks. The video has attracted more than 1M views on Youtube:

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