Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Birds are divided into many species groups. Animals with strong fighting ability along with special abilities that only they have create the diversity of the species. Therefore, among those birds, there are small, beautiful and harmless species, and there are also large and scary species that carry in themselves the beautiful beauty that only they can have.

The large animals that carry great powers, they are all animals that can kill seemingly impossible species. Those huge birds can kill even creatures the size of their own bodies.

Like this big bird, it has made the hunt that seemed impossible. They are animals that have a large body compared to other birds but compared to other terrestrial animals, they are only medium in size. Yet it decided to attack a monkey about the same size as it.

That monkey is a warlike and extremely aggressive baboon. However, when facing a large bird with strong fighting power, they became a difference in strength. After only a few waves of attacks, the monkey could no longer stand. The video has attracted more than 46M views on Youtube:

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