Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Impala is a herbivorous animal on the savannah. They belong to the antelope family and are medium in size. Adult male impalas will have more than one pair of horns. The horns are considered as objects to represent the age and influence of the impala in the herd. And those horns are sometimes also an ideal self-defense weapon for them.

Impalas eating by the roadside were recorded. They suddenly stopped eating and started running away from something. Right after that, a cheetah can be seen peeking out from the grass. It originally wanted to lower its body to make a surprise attack, but the impalas discovered it and ran away. So it decided to hunt, quickly chased.


The cheetah had already decided on the target of the attack this time, so even though the impalas were scattered to the point of confusion, the leopard was not distracted. The one-way leopard followed the impala trying to escape across the street.

The unlucky impala could not escape the attack of the cheetah. After the cheetah grabbed the impala, it climbed on top of it, used its front legs to tightly cling to its body and used its sharp teeth to pin the impala’s neck to hold the impala tighter.

Even though the impala tried to struggle, resist and beg for help and beg, it still could not change its outcome. It becomes the meal of hungry cheetahs. The video has attracted more than 3M views on Youtube:

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