Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Fish and birds, a relationship that when it comes to our minds, it seems that only the situation is that the bird is the hunter and the fish is the prey. That is our subconscious thinking about these two animals. So what if today we learn about a relationship that is also between two species but with opposite roles?

The opposite role means that birds act as prey and fish as predators. Because in fact, almost every relationship has links to each other. It is possible that the relationship between the two sides interacted directly during the war or it could have an indirect effect later on.

But in nature, the law of power is undeniable. And to support that rule, size plays a very important role. As important as it is in this war, it can completely change the order of the links in the food chains of those species.

Like this small bird, they naturally only eat smaller fish. But on this hunting trip it was no longer lucky, a large fish discovered it on the sea surface. It rushed through the water and jumped up at breakneck speed, then successfully bit and swallowed the bird. The video has attracted more than 2M views on Youtube:

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