Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Baboons are not notorious hunting animals, but they have their own way of making a name for themselves. They can neither hunt nor create large-scale wars to create a distinction for themselves among other animals in the wild. So they had a very special method.

That is turning yourself into the Kidnapper. The baboons every time they go down to the ground to walk, they will definitely have to kidnap a young to bring back, torture and kill. The actions of the baboons made other animals both afraid and resentful, so one of them decided to take revenge.

The lion used the same way of the baboons to take revenge on them. Baboons kidnap the lion cubs, the lion will kidnap the baby monkeys to make the baboon feel pain and helplessness. More cruel is the lion who also brought the baboon to a high branch and then tortured it.

The ability of the monkeys to climb trees was of course very fast and mature, but by the time they arrived, it was too late. The lion broke the baby monkey’s body into many pieces, the scene was extremely tragic. After taking revenge, the lion was also very leisurely and left with the attitude of a victor. The video has attracted more than 2M views on Youtube:

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