Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The wolf is a carnivore. They are extremely talented hunters and of course very brutal. So, in a sense, humans have indirectly created obstacles to the slaughter of wolves for the long-term benefit. It is to protect other animals from extinction.

The survival law of nature is something that humans should not interfere, but it is necessary to protect species that are on the verge of extinction. Humans only intervene for a certain period of time, enough for the animal to recover, then they will not continue to interfere and that is the right intervention method.

And these wolves are the hidden danger of nature. So now, humans have chosen to bring the wolves to a nearby area so that the other species are safe. And in a short period of time, everything was back to normal, so it was time for humans to stop interfering.

The wolves were no longer hindered, and very quickly they were able to find their way back to their previous home. Under indirect intervention, the animals and plants in that place have grown very well, and everything can return to normal. And of course, humans will also observe closely to be able to intervene in time. The video has attracted more than 44M views on Youtube:

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