Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Bears are very aggressive animals. They are carnivores and of course their favorite foods are fish and honey. They especially love to eat honey or they simply like to destroy the beehives inherent in nature and eat their honey as a way to enjoy the spoils after winning.

And the food of the bears is sometimes even other large animals. They are animals that can be in conflict at any time, whether of the same or different species. The wars that take place if both sides do not surrender, the war can only end with the death of one of the two, even two species.

But in nature there are always deaths that are not the result of wars. And after that death, it can only wait for other animals to eat or decompose until only the skeleton remains. This bison fell into such a situation.

It died and was being eaten by a whole flock of vultures. But now a grizzly bear appeared. It rushes and chases the vultures away with its large body and terrifying roar. It continued like that until it chased all the vultures away, then sat next to the bison and didn’t know what it meant. The video has attracted nearly 1M views on Youtube:

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