Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Bear is a very strange animal. They are strangely funny. The bears are not weak or gentle, but they also do not brutally and often kill other animals except fish. But they will quite often tease scary carnivores such as tigers.

Cases of encountering bears fighting each other are not uncommon. The battles that take place are also very fierce and fierce between animals. But the bears are also very intelligent, if they feel that they cannot win the war, they will run away first, which is the survival instinct of all species.

But this time it’s not like they’re weird in going to war with other species. It’s that it formed a strange hobby. That is mountain climbing. Climbing here is not climbing an ordinary mountain but climbing a vertical cliff without protective gear like professional mountaineers.

The bear with its large body had a hard time standing on such a steep cliff. However, it couldn’t give up because if it didn’t climb, it wouldn’t be able to let its body fall freely to the ground. The video has attracted more than 19M views on Youtube:

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