Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Under the rapid development of society, we all want to know more and better about other animals. We always have a dream that we can conquer nature and reality proves that we have done it in some way. So animals, no matter how remote or difficult areas are, people will try to explore and research.

Not only for research, but we are always looking for small pleasures, and when that hobby grows bigger, it will become a passion. And raising – training falcons is also a job with the same meaning.

This man is training a falcon he saved after a forest trip. And today is the day to test its abilities and skills to see if it has improved or not. The test has officially begun.

I like to get to one side of the field. The man was there to give orders. On the other side, a control vehicle disguised as a hare was started. At the man’s command, the falcon flew as fast as an arrow, rushing towards the prey it saw and also the “engine hare”. With just a few basic attacks, the falcon successfully defeated its prey, not disappointing the trainer. The video has attracted more than 300K views on Youtube:

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