Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Killing lions has always been something that lions desperately want. They as a herbivore are oppressed by brutal carnivores, they always want to kill the enemy when they meet. Just to protect their own safety, also to be able to avenge their fellow humans who were killed by the enemy.

The buffalo can usually only rely on the strength of the herd to kill the lions. Because as long as the lions bit into its body, the wound was completely torn, the ability of the buffalo to survive and fight was almost lost. So buffaloes usually only win when fighting in groups.

However, there will also be a few unexpected cases that will happen. A buffalo can completely kill a lion, and even that lion is very strong and ferocious. This war is a typical and specific example of that case.

The buffalo was attacked by a lion while in a shallow pond. As usual, the lion jumped on top of the buffalo to control it. These buffaloes are very unwise when they try to lower their heads to knock the lion’s head into the water. He knew the lion wouldn’t let him go easily, so he decided to do so. And that plan really worked, the lion was drowned by it. The video has attracted more than 1M views on Youtube:

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