Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Large birds are always the number one enemy of snakes, especially cobras. Cobras may not need to be afraid when confronting a crocodile, but if the opponent is an eagle, it is a completely different game. The cobra will encounter life-threatening danger.

The snakes will always refrain from confronting large birds. Partly because the birds fly in the sky, they are difficult to identify the opponent, another part is that the probability of defeat of the snakes will be very high. Because as long as the birds use their feet to grab the snake’s head and bring it to the sky, the snake will not be able to do anything further.

It is also the eagle’s snake hunting style. The large king cobra has an extra amount of deadly venom in its body, it can completely roam the ground. But this time the eagle was its opponent, too strong an opponent.

The cobra is extremely wary of the opponent, of course the eagle does not show any openings. Both of them know that the opponent is very strong, but they do not retreat, their aggressive nature is very high, especially as two kings, it is even more impossible to surrender. The video has attracted more than 1M views on Youtube:

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