Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

The osprey is a very dangerous animal. They are animals with a fighting ability comparable to eagles. The more powerful the birds with the ability to master the sky, the higher the number of enemies. Other animals will all want to kill them as if to eliminate a competition for food in the wild.

And of course, the fights will have the greatest success rate when they attack the newly born cubs. Or with birds, they even kill each other since they are still eggs, cared for little by little by their parents.

And ravens are no exception. All animals will kill others when given the opportunity. They have to do that to survive. This raven took advantage of the time when the ospreys came out of the nest to feed, rushed to and attacked the young birds. The young birds did not have the ability to resist, so they were quickly defeated and could only lie down and emit pitiful cries.

The osprey the mother discovered flew back to check on the situation and panicked when she discovered that her baby was about to die. When the raven was about to fly back, the osprey rushed forward as if to kill the other and the two chased each other through the forest. The video has attracted more than 8M views on Youtube:

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