Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Among the herbivores, elephants and rhinos are both extremely large and powerful animals. Elephants have always been dominant in the battles between herbivores. So even if they encounter very aggressive animals like rhinos, the elephants will be more serious about confrontation.

With elephants, they absolutely do not allow a rhinoceros to blatantly roam right in front of them. When attacked by a rhino, the elephant’s goal is to fight to let the rhino know that it is not an opponent of elephants, the elephant is the boss in the herbivore world.

Rhinos never accept the difference in size that determines order and strength among other animals. So, as long as they had the opportunity, they would definitely confront the elephants directly to prove just how strong their power could really be.

However, the strength of the lions, no matter how great, is not easy to defeat the elephant. No matter how many times he tried to attack, the rhinoceros was knocked out by the elephant. Although the rhinoceros was unwilling, he had to withdraw because he was not strong enough to defeat his opponent. The video has attracted more than 1.5M views on Youtube:

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