Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

Eagle is a large bird. They are animals that are extremely good to master the sky. Although if considering each individual aspect, there will still be more species than them as speed, vision or accuracy. But to be able to coordinate everything as rhythmically and proficient as the eagles, not all species can do.

Except for strength, in order to become the king of birds, the ruling of the sky of the present, of course they must also be brutal. They can catch all animals, even cobras are no exception. Accompanied by the brutality of a true lord.

They are not only cruel with other animals but also cruel with their own species. Although their bronze is only young newborns, unable to fight. But it could be very definitive and torturing the opponent that it made the opponent give in.

This young bird did not know for what reason but it was stuck to his body into the big eagle. The eagle of course will not allow the young bird to act so quickly, so it flapped his wings, flew up and constantly moving so strong that the young bird could not continue to cling to him anymore. The video has attracted more than 1.5m views on YouTube:

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