Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Bald eagles have always been another funny animal. They don’t have to act funny or stupid, they just have a rather funny appearance. Among the eagles, they appear to be less majestic, but the truth proves that their strength has not diminished.

With animals with great strength, of course they are animals that can choose their own prey and capture them. Except for less than a handful of feathers on their heads, these eagles can still hunt as usual. And this hunt proved that fact.

The bald eagle was already standing on a treetop overhanging the river. It just sat there, quietly observing and looking for its own prey. Identifying the prey is very important and is the key to determining the success of the whole hunt, so they are not allowed to make hasty decisions.

And of course, as soon as the prey was identified, the right timing and the bald eagle officially went to war. It spread its wide wings and flapped powerfully, gaining momentum. Without making any extra moves, it ducked its head, flew straight towards its identified prey, and picked it up without error. The video has attracted more than 7.5M views on Youtube:

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