Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

In the natural world, in addition to deaths related to wars such as predators attacking, getting injured in the process of survival, competing for food with other species. Or finally, there are internal battles to win females depending on the time of year.

But of course, besides that, there are many other causes of death of these animals. Lack of food to death, trapped to death or simply old and dead. Everything can be the cause of the death of these wild animals, completely dependent on nature.

And hippo is one of them. The hippo reason is unknown, but it is probably not due to an external force that died. Because of that, it was still able to float on the surface of the water with its whole body intact, turning into a slow-exploding biological bomb. Its body, if hit too hard, can cause an explosion like what we know about whale carcasses, but on a smaller scale.

That can’t stop these crocodiles either. They also absolutely do not give up a free prey like that. The whole herd of crocodiles quickly rushed to tear the hippo’s carcass. Suddenly, another hippo, fearlessly rushing into the middle of the crocodiles, seemed to want to reclaim the hippo’s body to bring back. The video has attracted more than 5.5M views on Youtube:

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