Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Animals are similar to humans, they also have the most basic emotions of a living being. These emotions, of course, include a precaution against external dangers. And always take action to protect animals of the same species or their own children as a built-in instinct.

Horses are also an animal with these instincts. This horse has just given birth. The young after birth, they all need a period of time to be able to adapt to the outside environment. This is a very sensitive time and there is a risk of affecting their lives.

So at these times the mother horse needs to be very careful, not to let any harmful effects affect her young. Even actions that show the joy of fellow humans around. He must watch, not let any horse get close to his foal, until the horse can stand up on its own.

After a while the foal was also able to stand up, the surrounding horses also gradually stabilized so the mother horse could come forward and examine her pup’s situation. After confirming that your child is not unusual, he can completely relax. The video has attracted nearly 2M views on Youtube:

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