Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

We can sum up the purpose of coming to this world of the creatures of this world in two words. In general, almost all animals will perform these two processes not for any particular reason but because it is a law of nature. Those two words are survival and reproduction. All animals need it.

Animals that seem to be large and invincible must also have a fighting process to survive. Fight with the natural environment, fight the weather, the climate and fight with other animals. All for survival. And all animals need to reproduce to maintain the survival of the herd.

Animals that breed seasonally. All animals will breed and there will come a time when they will have to find you to pair up. With some species living on the principle of monogamy, of course they only need to find a mate once. But with lions, animals that live in groups and have only one male, of course, will not follow that regime.

Female lions are completely unable to choose a mate because they can only mate with the leader of the pack, which is also the only male lion in the pack. So, with the lions, when it comes to the breeding season, the male lion will look for the female lion to mate and the female lion will just lie there, not protesting. The video has attracted nearly 1M views on Youtube:

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