Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Cars can be a vehicle that can kill fleeing animals but can also be a huge statue shielding them sometimes.

An impala used the car as a shield for it. The cheetah mother and daughter have targeted it as the target of this attack. Two cheetahs chased the immature impala from the forest to the main road. Every time an animal shows signs of running down the road, the drivers must stop the car if there is no emergency. And these cars have stopped properly, just fine for the impala to hide in.

The impala ran to this side of the car so that the animals that were hunting it would not see it and think it had escaped. The location is also considered to be quite safe. While hiding, the impala couldn’t help but tremble from fear.

But how can cheetahs give up so easily. They took a detour outside the convoy so that they could see the whole thing and as expected, it saw and successfully captured the impala. The baby impala was too small to resist the powerful attack of the leopard.

The two leopards, after catching the impala, returned very leisurely. When walking, he even stopped by a shade to hold the impala to make it more secure. The mother and son of the cheetah just left with the poor impala. The video has attracted more than 500K views on Youtube:

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