Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

One sign of a hunting tiger is that it begins to lick its paws. For many days, the tiger did not go hunting. This means that the herd of deer has increased in number. there is a lot of prey for tigers to hunt but this is also a hindrance for tigers because it is watched by more eyes.
Tiger is an intelligent animal. It chooses a clever way of hunting that is to stalk and wait for the opportunity to hunt small deer. They may be easier to catch.

The tiger has chosen a perfect hiding spot. he began to sit there and watch the baby deer’s every move. Every step of the tiger is very careful and there are no loopholes. The tiger begins to accelerate and rush towards its prey. The tiger uses its sharp teeth to bite down on the deer’s neck.

Because the baby deer is sucking its mother’s milk, it can’t run away, only the mother can run fast without having time to take the baby deer away.

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