Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The lives of animals that have to fight on their own in the wild always have a lot of things that they need to learn. From birth to death, they are only safe and secure during the time they are with their mother, when they are not able to defend themselves and hunt. And that only happens for a certain amount of time.

Animals learning how to survive has always been a problem that can at any time make parenting animals pay attention. They must teach their children how to be able to defend themselves and survive in the wild for the time to come, when they are separated from their mothers.

The same goes for grizzly bears, they are always good parents to their cubs. They protect the cubs as best they can. And because of that, they understand more and more how important it is to teach the cubs how to survive on their own in the future.

This time the mother bear led her cubs to a stream. The stream is large but the water is calm, quite safe and suitable for the cubs to learn how to find food, more specifically, to practice catching fish. Since she can’t speak, the mother bear can only continuously model for her cubs and use her eyes to encourage her until she learns to catch her prey. The video has attracted more than 3M views on Youtube:

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