Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Gibbon is an animal related to humans. They belong to the family Hylobatidae and are distributed mainly in old-growth forests in tropical and subtropical regions. They are present both on the mainland and on remote islands. And they are quite small in size compared to animals of the same family in the wild.

But they seem more cowardly than other species. They also have the instincts of an ape, but they are quite easily alarmed by objects that accidentally appear around their habitat. This hedgehog’s appearance was similar, causing the Gibbons to panic.

This hedgehog suddenly appeared on the fence separating the house from the living area of the Gibbons, one of them accidentally discovered and appeared to be alarmed at the unwelcome appearance of the enemy. The Gibbon constantly walks around it to observe and study the “intruder”.

The hedgehog is small in size, unable to cause any harm to the Gibbons. At least in this situation, the Gibbon had no intention of touching the little hedgehog lying there. After observing for a while, they also decided to ignore the hedgehog and leave. The video has attracted more than 18M views on Youtube:

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