Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Migration has always taken place quite often in the animal world. Animals living in nature, especially herbivores, large-scale migrations will have a great influence on the survival and development of the herd. Because if they don’t migrate, their survival is even lower.

During migrations, there are many migrations of many species and on different large and small scales. Migration can be caused by a whole herd performing migrations according to the natural cycle. Or migrations are made by animals actively separating to find a new land.

Regardless of their size and form, the common feature of migrations is that they have to cross large dangerous rivers. Predators, especially crocodiles, will be waiting there to be able to catch the fat and unlucky prey for them to catch.

But not those brutal crocodiles can find prey large enough to divide equally among all. So sometimes there will also be a food dispute between them. And those wars only take place for a moment, when new prey arrives, the fight will immediately end. The video has attracted more than 16M views on Youtube:

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