Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Camel is an indispensable animal for the balance and development of the Earth. Especially with large areas that are dry all year round like desert areas. The more the areas lack water, the more the camel’s function is performed, making the best use of it. They are indispensable animals for such areas.

As an animal, how can they become a symbol of the desert? They are extremely resilient animals. Endurance in terms of both transporting and storing resources for long journeys, especially those across the desert.

Camels have the ability to store water on their own in two raised humps on their backs and strong concave backs that help them withstand a large load. So before the modern means of transportation, camels were the main means of transportation for merchants in South Asia and Africa.

Merchants would often carry a large number of camels during their travels. Partly so that the camels could transport goods. On the other hand, in case of food shortage, those people can use camels as a source of water and food for the whole group. The video has attracted more than 300K views on Youtube:

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