Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Late summer is the mating season for bison. Most of the year, males and females live separately. But around this time, thousands of bisons gathered in the Yellowstone valley. Leader males have to work hard to protect their flocks during this time.

And also in this time, wars between males broke out. The bison has a strong and sharp horn, which is their weapon when fighting. 2 bulls rushed to attack. They use their heads to hit the opponent hard. When they hit an enemy’s face with their head, they pull up their horns, injuring the opponent. The horn will cause a lot of pain and even bloodshed. Every war comes to an end, and in a war there is only one winner.

Younger males always want to show strength and overthrow the leader. However, the young are not experienced enough to be able to defeat the herd easily. The attacker made a mistake. In 1 minute of carelessness, it was fatally hit by the leader of the pack.

Those that are defeated will have to leave the herd. This young bison paid a heavy price. it suffered a pain both physically and mentally

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